Saturday, 25 July 2015

Submission & Review Policy

The Wild Atlantic Book Club has many members with all kinds of taste. Books received are given to members with an interest in that genre. Then the reader (at their own discretion) may post a review* and it will be placed on this site full of potential interested readers and buyers who love to read and who trust our Book Club reviewers! So if you'd like a book to be considered for our reading group, just send a physical copy to:

The Wild Atlantic Book Club
33 Cluain Aoibhinn

E-Books, just GIFT your book to 3 members of the book club:




After gifting your book 3 different times, 15 to 20 days later an honest review* will be posted on their blog. Also posted on GoodreadsAmazon, Facebook, Tumblr & Google+ 2 Conditions. 1st, Books must the published in the past 12 months. 2nd, Book & Cover must be on Goodreads & Amazon. (We do not accept PDFs or epubs or mobi). To gift your book Click Here.

Our Rating System:

Loved this book. Would buy it, re-read it and even make my family read it.
Really liked this book. A few minor flaws, but wouldn't stop you from enjoying it. Probably buy it too.
Liked it, but wasn’t blown away by it & could be a hit or miss for others.
It was “meh.”
“Hate” is such a strong word. But if a book is given 1 star, precious hours were spent reading a book that will never be gotten back.

*FTC Disclaimer
The books we review to The Wild Atlantic Book Club are sent to us by publishers, authors or friends. We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced by anyone or group. These are original, exclusive reviews written by our own Book Club members. According to The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), reviewers on this blog will disclose that they received books free of charge.