Wednesday, 12 August 2015


You know the feeling: you finish a book, and you just have to talk about it with someone. You could ambush one of your co-workers and ask them what they thought about Stephen King's Tommyknockers, or you could leave a copy of Ulysses around your friend's house, hoping they'll read it and share an opinion on what the Trojan War represents. Or you could just join our Book Club.

Every book lover has dealt with the despair of losing a favorite character or witnessing a beloved couple split up. Books can make us all emotional wrecks sometimes, and that's why we turn to book clubs for emotional support. So here's two ways to join us.

In Person: If you are living in the west of Ireland and would like to be part of our reading community, just contact Keith at : keithloftus @

Online: It’s really simple, just find a copy of a book we have recommended and start reading :) Engage with us on our social channels and participate in our discussion sessions, and we will go from there.