Sunday 10 January 2021

The Blue Red Lyrae by Mehreen Ahmed

 Addictive is one word that I'd use to describe this book. I wish I could say more but given that there is a lot that can’t be said because of spoilers, I would say its a story rich in detail, full of sounds, sights, and smells that make you feel as though you're actually there. The characters were well written and you did feel a bond with them while reading. The premise of the story was interesting also, and well told. So thank you Mehreen for this fabulous book which gave me many hours of reading pleasure.

Monday 13 January 2020


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Tuesday 15 January 2019

"Killers, Traitors, & Runaways"

A company of seven unite. Heroes not of virtue, but of circumstance. Authur Lucas Aubrey Paynter tells a wondrous tale of Killers, Traitors, & Runaways. I'm surprised to see very few reviews. I really like this writer as I think his idea for the heroes is very unique and his style is great. The plot moves along pretty quickly and while at times this does feel a bit clunky, it doesn't take long for you to immerse yourself in the world. Despite the supernatural aspect of the story, the author makes it natural to readers thanks to the authenticity of all the characters. The kind of characters you would love to hang out with. Loved it.

Tuesday 11 December 2018

"The Edgewater Legacy"

Author Wanda Pyle does an excellent job of painting the greed and cynicism of the 1980's music scene. Hidden agendas were brought to light in this page turning, quick paced novel. The flow of the book was natural and not forced, and very well written. For me, the most interesting figure is Chris. He's shown as a man of determination and vision, the capacity for deep friendship, with a need for love. If you enjoyed  the first two books in this series, you will certainly enjoy this - even more so.

Tuesday 19 June 2018

"Harder Yet!"

Police Academy meets Cops in this stand-alone novel that is well worth the read. I enjoyed the characters, especially Ed and Harry. Could any of them find their way in a world of power struggles? I couldn’t stop turning pages wondering what was next for them. Though there was a trial and tribulation in the book it was obvious the characters cared enough about each other to overcome them. The authors brought so many insights. The writing is powerful, humorous at times and gripping at others. 

Tuesday 29 May 2018

"The Worst Journey In The World"

Set during World War 2, this story is narrated by George, who is on a mission to protect supply boats during the height of the war. There is so much here; suspense, mystery, love, heroism and most of all a historical insight to a very dark time in our history! We get to see the day-to-day living in a terrible place during the war at that time. The author who did an excellent job with this read. It made me want to explore history more and gave me a new perspective on WW2. Excellent and well written. 

Monday 2 April 2018

"Serch Bythol"

David Pierson, a young musician, encounters a ghostly figure when his family moves to England. But instead of running from ghosts, he runs into love. I was completely immersed in this fantasy world as the author did a wonderful job creating an exciting YA read with all the works – action, romance, suspense heroes and villains! This book is a page turner that will leave you in the end wanting more.