Saturday, 6 June 2015

'Ben Hur II – Exile'

“Ben Hur II – Exile.” - What ‘Really’ happened in the First Century? 10 Years in the Making. A long awaited historical account of history’s most impacting century. Humanity’s greatest ‘Clash of Belief’ remains tragically miss-represented; it stands among the most debated today. A new appraisal based on first-hand witness accounts and the historical archives says the Jews played the most significant role in marking the end of the divine king realm and why we don’t worship Jupiter and Zeus today. The greatest battle for freedom of belief changed the course of history; it led to the western civilization and Christianity. 

About The Author: Joseph D. Shellim

It all began with: ‘What do you think this war was really all about?’ Thereafter it became complicated. As a documentary film writer for 25 years I produced a diverse range of subjects such as Making Movies, W.W.II: The Frank Capra Documents, Deep Space Encounters and biographical films of The Beatles and James Dean. The first century has always been an underlying intrigue throughout, its effects pervasive and unceasing. “Ben Hur II - Exile” is a work of ten years research with scholars, writers, religious figures, historians and discerning members of the general public.


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