Saturday, 20 June 2015

'Patience Betrayed'

Patience Hawthorne agrees to marry the titled gentleman chosen by her ambitious guardian uncle. Much like any young lady living in the Regency period, she is governed by the strict rules of society. Whilst attending a wedding at ancient Bath Abbey, Patience is tested by the demands of her fiancĂ©’s illustrious family. How is she to respond? Being inexperienced in society, she relies upon a bridal advice book and worries when her opinions never seem to be considered. This second in The Hawthorne Diaries saga is a self-contained drama. It is continuation of the first novel, PATIENCE BECOMES A LADY, which depicts the life of Patience after she is orphaned.

About The Author: Olivia Andem 

I have been known to write in coffee shops, airports, medical waiting rooms and in the car on a lapboard. What is your next project, is also a common question. At this time, I think newlywed Patience will be swept into a truly harrowing misadventure. Of course, my title character, Patience Hawthorne is my favorite creation. I am transported back to the Georgian era through her experiences and feelings. Sifting through historical details is very challenging but rewarding when the detail fits the story like a glove.

What are your three top writer tips? 
Write. Rewrite. Also do the very best you can!