Tuesday, 27 October 2015

'Sketches of Spain'

After reading the first book in the series by DL Osment, I just had to get the second instalment "Sketches of Spain". The erotically-charged romance of Lucy Major and Miguel Velasquez continues. I can't say too much about the story without injecting spoilers but things start happening right from the first chapter, as the story delves into their past, present and future. The characters Lucy and Miguel are so meant to be together. They are so well developed you feel every emotion they are feeling throughout the story. It appears Miguel has never forgotten about Lucy just the same as she hasn't forgotten about him. Lucy is a very mysterious character- not only to herself, but to those she is close to. The story moves rapidly along and while the ending may be projected from early on, the getting there certainly keeps your interest. Very impressed with this author and will look for other offerings from her. Give this a try - I think you will enjoy it.

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