Sunday, 22 May 2016

'Hero of My Dreams'

'Hero of My Dreams' by J.R. Pitts focuses on the princess of a peace loving planet (Arklardin). She is forced to fight for the freedom of her people against the evil Lord of Zharburk. This book has fantasy with intrigue, and romance with adventure. Written in an easy to read style, this book proves what a born storyteller J.R. Pitts is, because the entire driving force behind the book is the fact that it is unashamedly a fantasy story. With vivid atmosphere deftly brought to life, the author's writing goes beyond creating a story in our minds; it truly feels like you’re walking in their footsteps. The fact that he manages to blend Sci-fi with the Medieval seamlessly is even more spectacular. The attention to detail only serves to make this story even more enjoyable. Can an earthling prove worthy of a princess' love. Can a princess find the hero of her dreams? Open this book to find out.

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