Wednesday, 8 April 2015

"We Were Soldiers Too"

If you have any interest in the military, then I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of Bob Kern's book "We Were Soldiers Too". Its a must read for all Cold War history enthusiasts. I'm not able to compare this book to any other since this is the only one I've read about this subject - But I think it is very good reading and professionally written. The author has provided a compact, objective, and insightful account of 1980's Europe and a conflict that became known as The Cold War. With insight, adventure and sadness, this book provides an untold account of the sacrifices people made between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. It helped me be reminded of the profound respect that I have for all Military personal, both men and women, in all branches of the military.


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  1. Another nice Review. Thanks. I served during the Cold War, as well as Vietnam. I wrote COLD WAR HEROES, a humorous look at a bunch of misfit soldiers in France during the 1960s/